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Braxton Labs Skincare is manufactured in the USA, in a GMP Certified and is a FDA registered Facility. Our Facial moisturizer is Light Weight, Absorbent, Hydrates, Nourishes your Skin, Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, Leaves Skin Soft, Supple and Smooth without any Greasy Residue. Use for Aging Skin, Sun damage, Dryness, Dehydration, Fine Lines, enlarged Pores excellent choice for all ages and skin types. Our Skincare is both Vegan friendly and is Gluten Free.



Anti-Aging Cream

Instructions Best Pairing(s)
Daytime application Braxton Labs Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Braxton Labs Anti-Aging Cream

10 reviews for Moisturizer 1oz

  1. April V

    I loooove this moisturizer. I had been bartending part-time for a year. It was a smoking bar, my skin was taking a beating. I discovered the Braxton Labs moisturizer and was ecstatic that it immediately replenished my skin. In just a week, I noticed my skin was smoother, less tired looking and the effects of working around smoke diminished remarkably. I am a fan for life of this product.

  2. Rhonda

    What a great moisturizer, especially now that i am washing my hands every few minutes. This is a great product for dry skin repair, I use it several times a week as a deep conditioner for my hands.

  3. Fuying

    my new favorite moisturizer I love the why my skin feels and I’m able to apply my powder without it caking up or smearing. It wonderful!”

  4. Jon

    Braxton labs moisturizer does the work all day long to keep my skin fresh and smooth, protecting me from weather, the content washing of my hands, and the daily exposure to sun , wind and rain. It is now a necessary daily product for me, and I am grateful for it.

  5. Michael

    This product, for me, is like finding the fountain of youth. My skin hasn’t looked this good in decades. Thank you.

  6. Daniel

    my new favorite moisturizer I love the why my skin feels and I’m able to apply my powder without it caking up or smearing. It wonderful!

  7. Annette L

    This moisturizer is simply perfect. The texture is light, it makes my skin feel moist without feeling greasy.

  8. Deirdre M

    This is a great moisturizer. My dry skin was smoother in days. It completely blended into my face without feeling greasy or heavy.

  9. Carley L

    I am a teenager and this moisturizer has been totally skin transforming. I am prone to oily skin and breakouts in my T-zone, so I was reluctant to try a new skincare product that was a little pricier for me. Luckily, this smooth and silky formula has given me a glow that I get complimented on constantly. I haven’t worn makeup in almost 6 months and have truly never felt better about my skin! I definitely would recommend this product! Please think about coming out with a teen based line!

  10. Eva

    My skin can get really dry but after using this moisturizer my skin really brightened up. It has gotten rid of my dry skin and is very light on my face. It keeps my skin super hydrated! Really great product, highly recommend!!

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