Eye Treatment .5oz

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The area around your eyes is extremely delicate and requires very special care. Our unique Penetrating Eye Treatment is extraordinarily rich yet surprisingly sheer and light. It penetrates deeply to quickly reduce puffiness and brighten under-eye darkness. It renews and refreshes the eye area to help ease the signs of fatigue and aging and erases tiny lines and wrinkles for a visibly younger appearance. Apply with fingertips under the eyes and surrounding areas using a gentle upward and outward motion. You will begin to see a dramatic difference in just 7 days and with continued use the area around your eyes will be refreshed even further. For best results use morning and night after cleansing and toning. Allow to absorb fully before applying make-up. Dermatologist Recommended.

Braxton Labs Skincare is manufactured in the USA, in a GMP Certified and is a FDA registered Facility. Our Skincare is both Vegan friendly and is Gluten Free.



Eye Treatment

Instructions Best Pairing(s)
Daytime & Nighttime application
*skin repairs at night so important to use at night
Use with any and all products

7 reviews for Eye Treatment .5oz

  1. Jon

    I always felt that one’s eyes were the most telling feature of anyone and for anyone. They serve as our key to seeing the world and at the same, to look into one’s eyes permits you to see the soul of a person. And this eye cream makes my eyes look youthful and vibrant, this wonderful product accentuates my personality and I am so thrilled with the way my eyes look now.

  2. Dong M

    As owner of a demanding salon clientele just minutes away from SOBE, myself and our practicing staff of estheticians and massage therapists, have virtually tried all of the highest quality skin care products on the market. Our staff has utilized products such as Tatcha from Japan, Clinique, and Skinceuticals just to name a few. Our professional review of Braxton Labs skin products are comparable to and in some cases far exceeded our expectations and our clients, of a locally branded skin care. We recommend the 1oz. moisturizer for starters, as well as the 1 oz. anti-aging cream. These are great options for clients in our field of expertise or just for ones personal skin therapy. Stay healthy, hope to see all my Miami clients soon.

  3. Skie O

    Found this product and fell in LOVE with it. It’s definitely the right combination of moisturizer and for me it has minimized the the dark circles around my eyes! I’ve been using the product religiously since last summer.

  4. Carley L

    I’m a teen girl and have struggled with dark circles since I was little. I’d cut out dairy products, see dermatologists, and of course wear under eye makeup until I was introduced to this product. I haven’t worn makeup in weeks! This is an incredible and great non-tacky formula that has me looking refreshed and energized constantly.

  5. Inez

    “Who hasn’t tried 100 skin care products in their lifetime and most without any real noticeable difference!
    The Braxton eye treatment feel great from the moment you apply it. Love the subtle elasticity returned to my aging skin and the supple feel without the heavy oily feeling that so many other products leave us with. Don’t know what the secret is, but it’s just the right amount of all the good stuff! I’m hooked!”

  6. Rhonda

    I’ve been using Braxton Labs Eye Treatment for three weeks. Compared to other products I’ve used in the past, this is hands down one of my favorite eye treatment. Dark circles are not as visible, especially without makeup. When combined with other skin care products, such as TA-65 for Skin to give a youthful looking appearance. Braxton Eye Treatment not only diminishes the appearance of dark circles, it’s also moisturizer and keeps skin around the eye hydrated throughout the day.

  7. Annette L

    This product is excellent. I noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes immediately.

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