Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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For visibly smoother and younger-looking skin in just one week. Our unique hydrating formula helps to lock in moisture and plump up skin to diminish wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Fades the look of deep wrinkles including crow’s feet and forehead and cheek and neck wrinkles. Supports ongoing collagen synthesis for long term results. Ideal for mature skin types. Soothes and calms skin. Gently massage into freshly cleansed skin before applying makeup. Re-apply to cleansed skin at bedtime to hydrate and plump skin while you sleep. Recommended as part of a regular anti-wrinkle skin care routine and is gentle enough for daily use on all skin types. Braxton Labs Skincare is manufactured in the USA in a GMP Certified and FDA registered facility. Our Skincare is both Vegan friendly and is Gluten Free.

1oz / 30ml



Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Nighttime application Braxton Labs Moisturizer

15 reviews for Anti-Wrinkle Cream

  1. Georgie W

    This cream is such a great product. I don’t want to be without it ever! My skin feels so amazing now. Very smooth and hydrated!!

  2. Loretta H

    I’m in love with the fast absorption! It can be used alone or under your makeup each morning. So perfect for my lifestyle!!

  3. Kelly A

    A little goes a long way! I was skeptical at first because my past history with anti-wrinkle products wasn’t like this! The product is the best I’ve ever used and I really don’t need a lot to get a more youthful appearance!

  4. Dave

    This came in a gift set. At first I thought, “wrinkle cream is for women”. To my surprise, it works amazingly. I put in on before bed after I wash my face. In the morning, there is a visible difference in the skin elasticity. It’s not too heavy either. So good!

  5. Fiona G

    I’m really happy with this product. It absorbs quickly so I don’t have to wait to finish my makeup application!

  6. Jon

    Braxton labs anti wrinkle cream, really removed my wrinkles. I could not believe it. They were gone, and it was magical. I now travel with this cream, it is now a constant in my life.

  7. Wanda L

    I didn’t want to admit I needed this cream LOL I received it as a gift from my bestie and I’m so pleased! I look how I feel now, which is amazing. Thanks to my bestie for being brave enough to give this to me!!

  8. Paula D

    I love that it helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles!

  9. Ursula L

    I love this! My skin feels so hydrated since I started using this product.

  10. Pamela E

    Not only do I have sensitive skin, I also have combination skin. I really love this product! The results are fabulous! I look 10 years younger!

  11. Ariana C

    The skin on my neck is really plumping up! It was extremely crepey before starting with this product!

  12. Janelle M

    Honestly, the claim about ongoing collagen synthesis intrigued me! I’ve been using the product for over 2 months and I can see the results so clearly. Thank you Braxton Labs!!

  13. Colleen R

    I was sold when I saw that it supports ongoing collagen synthesis!

  14. Rosa Q

    This has a light texture so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable under makeup, I love it!

  15. Hope T

    I love a very simple and quick beauty routine….it’s truly the only way I can maintain one to be honest! This product absorbs fast and the results are amazing. I’m so happy with my decision!

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